K-1 Senior Officer Casson & Capone

Officer Casson is the Senior Officer in charge of the Oxnard Police Department K9 unit. Throughout his 20+ years at the Oxnard Police Department he has been in the K9 unit for over 18 years. Capone is Officer Casson’s most recent K9 Partner, a young and energetic K9 clearly keeping Officer Casson on his toes!



Age: 4 years old

Breed: Belgian Malinois

Hails from: Lille in France

Favorite toy: Anything, as long as he can chew on it!

K-2 Officer Caston & Koa

Officer Caston  has been a police officer for over ten years at the Oxnard Police Department. Currently Officer Caston is assigned to the K9 unit and has been for the last four years.


Officer Caston is an active Officer with experience as a defensive tactics instructor, field training officer and a Reserve Officer coordinator. Officer Caston and his partner KOA are quite the same, they work hard, train hard, and play hard!



Age: 2 ½ years old

Breed: Belgian Malinois

Hails from: Holland

Favorite pastime: Swimming in his family’s pool!

K-3 Officer Martinez & Leo

Officer Martinez is the newest handler in the unit. He has been working with the Oxnard Police Department for about ten years and he was previously assigned to the SWAT team.



Age: 4 years old

Breed: Belgian Malinois

Hails from: Netherlands

Jimmy Vanhove

The Oxnard Police Department K9 unit is proud to have Jimmy Vanhove as our K9 trainer. With Jimmy Vanhove’s vast experience spanning several countries we have seen incredible improvements in our K9 training sessions. We have also seen these results on the streets as well, our K9’s and handlers are able to address situations in a safer and more effective manner.

In order for our K9 unit to continue to receive this incredible opportunity to have Jimmy Vanhove as our trainer it is imperative for us to continue to work hard to keep The Oxnard Community K9 Foundation successful.