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Oxnard Police | Our History
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Our History

The Oxnard Police Department K-9 Unit was started in 1980 by Councilwoman Anna Johs and a group of concerned citizens. Initially the first police dogs in the unit were all German Shepherds that were bought and trained in Bakersfield. As quality German Shepherds became scarce, the Belgian Malinois was introduced into Southern California.


Oxnard P.D. was one of the first police agencies in the state to use this breed. The K-9’s are primarily used as a locating tool. They assist officers in locating suspects hiding in buildings and open areas. They are also cross trained in narcotics and help in article searches for locating valuable pieces of evidence which may have been left behind by a suspect.


 As you can see from the pictures above we have had many officers assigned to the K9 unit over the years. Although the officers and K9’s change throughout the years one thing remains the same, the relationship between the officer and his K9 partner is a bond for life.