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Oxnard Police | The Oxnard Community K-9 Foundation
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The Oxnard Community K-9 Foundation

About The Oxnard Community K9 Foundation

    In 1995 the “Oxnard Community K-9 Foundation”, a 501(C)(3), non-profit organization, was established. Since 1995 The Oxnard Police Department K-9 Unit has solely relied on the support of the community through donations and various annual fund raising events which are hosted by the Oxnard Community K-9 Foundation. This support is necessary to cover the ongoing operational costs of the K-9 Unit. The Foundation covers the cost of the police service dog, the training for the K-9 teams throughout their career with the unit, off-duty care, equipment, food and medical costs for all retired police service dogs.

    We are always looking for support and we encourage those interested in supporting our K9 foundation to contact us. Whether you are donating your time at a fundraiser or providing financial support, you will be proud to know you are directly supporting public safety. Supporting The Oxnard Community K9 Foundation benefits not only the safety of officers and their K9’s but also the safety of the public.


    We look forward to hearing from you.




    The Oxnard Community K9 Foundation

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